“I had the opportunity to work, play and share the stage with many great musicians from all over the world. A lot of live playing and recording sessions not only made me a experienced and versatile bass player, but also inspired me to create my own music. But most of all to share my knowledge and vision as a teacher with the world.

I’m truly grateful to do all this, to be able to live my dream……….. to live music…….

Let your inspiration take control……….”


“Some of the GREATS, I’ve worked with over the years. Thanks to you all, you are all amazing!”

Sven Ratzke • Ellen ten Damme • Rachelle Garniez • Claron McFadden • Wouter Hamel • Fay Lovsky • Mathilde Santing • Maria Markesini • Theo Nijland • Frank Boeijen • Ernst Daniêl Smid • Maarten van Roozendaal • Coosje Smid • Tania Kross • Spy Monkey • Eric Vloeimans • Nina Hagen • Joey Arias • Paul Haenen • Margreet Dolmans • Sugababes • Julio Iglesias • Tuur Florizoone • Jakob Nebel • Jan Terstegen • Hans Schlotter • Dan Müller • Marc Bischoff • Haye Jellema • Charly Zastrau • Nick & Simon • Connie Palmen • The More The Mary • and many, many more…

Late 2015 was the moment, when I launched FLORIANS BASSUNTERRICHT, the in the meantime LARGEST German online tutorial website about the bass guitar! Go and have a look and LEARN BASS!

Current Projects

  • SVEN RATZKE – since 2010, I’m accompanying Sven as a bass player & backing vocalist, whenever the band is involved. The band includes: Jetse de Jong (piano, keys), Haye Jellema (drums), me (basses)
  • HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH – started in 2013, the German production of this New York Rock musical is still played regularly in Berlin. Also with Sven Ratzke as leading figure, I’m the bass player and musical director of this production. The band also includes: Hans Schlotter (drums), Noëlle Haeseling (backing vocals), Jan Terstegen/Jakob Nebel (guitars), Christopher Noodt/Jetse de Jong (keys).
  • JOHNNY & THE GANGSTERS OF LOVE – I’m the bass player of the fastest Rock ‘n Roll band since 2007.
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