Here is a short advise for everybody who is touring and has to stay overnight at some hotels, motels or busses.
The most important thing for me to take with me are some earplugs! Many musicians carry them standard in their gig bags and use them during the gig or during the soundcheck, when the sound technician is looking for irritating frequencies or volume limits of the monitors. “Lets see how far I can go…”. πŸ˜‰
BUT: my advise is to also take your earplugs with you to the hotel! Because it’s nothing more annoying than some other people next door that have to get up at 6am next morning. Especially when they do it with the volume of an rhino… I had a construction worker who was on the phone and trying to explain some other guy the way to their site. Well, it took him about ten minutes… and that was the moment, when I realized that my earplugs were still in my gig bag at the theatre. πŸ™
I also love my earplugs during the trip in the car or bus. When you wanna get some sleep for example, you’ll definitely relax more when your ears get some rest too. So I advise everybody to carry them with you all the time!


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