• Fodera Emperor Bolt-On 5
  • Body: ash with buckeye-burl top
  • Neck: maple with rosewood fingerboard
  • Pickups: AERO

  • Marleaux Diva 5 fretless
  • Body: swamp ash with olive ash top
  • Neck: padouk with rosewood fingerboard (neck thru)
  • Pickup: Delano Xtender


My amplifier & speaker cabinets of choice are from TRICKFISH. I play the Bullhead 1K and this amp is really incredible: brilliant designed EQ and 1000W!!!


The speakers are amazing, too! The TF112 sounds open and balanced! And the TF110 is the perfect “combo”-solution for rehearsals and really small gigs. It sounds punchy and the fact that you can use it as a wedge is just brilliant!


This is my current pedalboard. Toys for boys… whereas I have to admit that some of the pedals are absolutely great to enhance your sound without adding any effect.

  • The pedalboard is a Pedaltrain 1, which is designed to mount a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power from beneath.
  • The power supplies are mounted under the pedalboard. I use a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus AND a T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr. (both have isolated outputs – very important!)

  • I go directly with one or two instruments into the Basswitch where my main sound is set. To connect my basses, I use Rheingold cables or the Smoothound Innovations wireless guitar system.
  • The tuner is connected to the tuner-out of the Basswitch and is out of the signal chain.
  • Serial loop of the Basswitch:
    1. Basswitch Sonic Spark (for a bit of crunch and/or a fatter tone)
    2. Basswitch Dual Comp (the BEST dual-band compressor out there. Easy and intuitive to use and it sounds very musical and transparent)
    3. Volume pedal
    4. T.C. Electronic Hall Of Fame reverb pedal (routed behind the volume pedal, so that the reverb doesn’t die at fade-outs)
    5. I ALWAYS put the Xotic Tri-Logic (old version!) as a last “joker” before the input of my amp, always-on. It enhances the overall signal with just a nuance – just to make everything sound better.
  • Mix Loop of the Basswitch:
    1. Boss OC-2 Octaver
    2. Aguilar Octamizer
    3. Zoom B-3 multi-effect (It’s always a choice between sound-quality and practicality. Usually, single pedals sound better than a multi-effect. But because of the size of my pedalboard, I chose a multi-effect for some extra effects: envelope, delays, chorus & flanger, etc. I also like to blend in some distortion to the synth sound with an expression pedal. When I go for the quality of the sound, I use the One Control Mosquito Blender Expressio to do the job. And of course some other single effect pedals… Catalinbread SFT distortion, Aguilar FilterTwin envelope, MXR bass chorus deluxe, MXR carbon copy delay, EHX micro synth, Basswitch Classic Boost, Basswitch Clean Boost)


  • The Boss RC-3 is the last pedal before my amp. If I want to use it, I just put it behind the Line Out of the Basswitch or as a last pedal into the Mix Loop, when I need it also to be routed to the DI out of the Basswitch.
  • The Serial Loop is routed behind the Mix Loop of the Basswitch.