Gear & Endorsements


I’m really proud and honoured to endorse the basses of MARLEAUX BASS GUITARS!

I play their beautiful Contra and Diva 5-string models and a 4-string Votan. I just love the design, feel and sound of these instruments! And for fun and the upper octave: Soprano 😍

But in my opinion instruments are like shoes: you don’t wear your shiny pointy shoes for sports or the rubber boots on stage… (well, some bass players do… 😂). Every Instrument has it’s feel and sound and place in the different genres. Motown music just needs a P-bass with flats… and nothing compares with an original Fender Jazz Bass from the 60s! As much as I love my Marleaux basses, there are moments when other instruments fit better into the music…


[blockquote]My amplifier & speaker cabinets of choice are from TRICKFISH. I play the Bullhead 1K and this amp is really incredible: brilliant designed EQ and 1000W!!!


The speakers are amazing, too! The TF112 sounds open and balanced! And the TF110 is the perfect “combo”-solution for rehearsals and really small gigs. It sounds punchy and the fact that you can use it as a wedge is just brilliant![/blockquote]


[blockquote]My pedalboard changes from time to time, depending on the project and music. I basically divide my pedals into two types:

  1. Sound enhancer (pedals that enhance your sound without adding any obvious effect)
  2. Effects (pedals that alter your sound: chorus, envelope-filters, distortion, etc.)


[list]A friend of mine told me once: your sound is only as good as the weakest link in your signal chain. 😱 That kind of freaked me out! At this time I was playing boutique basses and amazing amps and cabs and my cables were the cheapest plastic crap.

So I listened to his advice and slowly updated all my cables with what I consider the best cables on the planet: handmade Rheingold Cables from Duisburg, Germany!

When I need to play wireless, I use the awesome simple and great sounding Sennheiser XS wireless system. The Base-set or the pedalboard-set.


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