20121110-232405.jpg In addition to my last blog post listening is the key!, I experienced the very prove of how listening and be open to your own voice/ideas and get inspired by it can go of like a rocket.

The last late night show we played in Utrecht, our host, entertainer, singer, frontman, comedian, cabaret start and great performer Sven Ratzke showed us yet again, that when you get into a flow of ideas, it just keeps flowing… It’s like a fire: one idea inspires and enlightens the next creative move. It was amazing to be part of his fabulous improvisation and to be listening to his amazing conferences. And I think that we musicians could indeed really learn a lot from this. I had to think of one of bassist Janek Gwizdala’s recent blog posts where he refers to stand up comedians. He’s absolutely right: their art of improvisation is amazing and truly inspiring.

And that’s exactly what I meant: just listen to yourself and accept whatever comes out. Let yourself be inspired by every note you play, every sound you hear. Don’t let yourself be distracted by what happens around you, but be in the moment and use it for your goal: to improvise, to solo, to tell your story, to make great music!


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