A few month ago I got an email from Mr. Martin Simpson, a man unfamiliar to me back then. He asked, if I was interested in participating in a project of his. He was collecting statements of bass players from all over the world to publish a book called “Why I Play Bass”.

I thought why not… but when he sent me the PDF version of his book, I saw that there were already hundreds of stories of Bass Players. Famous ones like Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten, Mark Egan, Victor Bailey, etc. and also names of ┬ábass players, that I didn’t hear before. There were beautiful stories, funny stories, I just couldn’t stop with reading. I was truly amazed about the commitment and dedication with which Martin Simpson was putting all this individual pieces together into a wonderful collection of unique and personal stories.

A few days ago, I received a package from Martin, including the printed version of his book. What a surprise! I was stunned! To read it on my computer was already great, but to hold this amazing work in my own hands was just incredible! The book not only consists of all the stories, but also includes over 400 photographs and 80 autographs and 4 CDs with tracks of various bass players in the book! WOW!!!

Unfortunately there is only little information about the book “Why I Play Bass” on the internet, but I think that the world should really know about this! Martin allowed me to write about it in my blog and I hope to help spreading the word about this truly amazing project and about this enormous dedication and contribution to the bass world.

I think that through spreading the word about this, we maybe can help Martin to finally get his book published and when it’s finally available in the stores, to make it a big seller!

Come on bass players, let’s put him in the spotlight!┬áMartin Simpsom and his book “Why I Play Bass” really have to be honored!

Thank you, Martin, for being part of this fantastic work! Keep it up!



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